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Haga click para ampliar la imagen "HGR Distribucion" offers services only to professionals such as sign- makers, silk screen worker, etc... Luminous boxes, channel letters or digital cutting and transformation of methacrylate, are some of the products and services that we produce in our installations. We offer all kinds of materials and machinery for the world of sign-making accompanied by the excellent service and reliability. References by the transportation companies "Seur", "Buytrago" and "Azkar" confirm this policy.

"HGR Distribucion" also supplies devices, machinery and materials of recognized brands such as Mactac, LG, Summa, Mimaki, Mutoh, Roland and Precix routers CNC, in addiction of TUAREG®, the new generation of large format printers. In Spain and Portugal "HGR Distribucion" offers Accu-Bend and Accu-Clinch products. Accu-Bend is a completely automated computer-controlled machine (the only one of it's kind worldwide) which manufactures channel letter and other designs.

It is crucial for the sign-making sector and manufacturers of channel letters. Accu-Bend can create a standard channel letter of 60 cm with notches and curves within a couple of minutes. As a complement, the Accu-Clinch machine has been especially designed to unite the lacquerd aluminum surfaces. The sides and flanks are pressed together by two ears using compressed air. The rear and lateral walls can easily be united without any hazards at the rate of 40 union points per minute.

Of course we also offer a wide variety of machinery and products for the heat transfer printing industry!